Monday, November 01, 2004

Choose the light

So St Marys started its new series on different movies last night, with Lord of The Rings.

Can't say I was that enthralled by the actually movie, but the message was very good. We talk constantly about the difference between dark and light and the fight that exsists in the world. People are starting to think.

It was very reassuring yesterday morning when I heard one young person actually contemplating what it meant to live in the light.

Yesterday evening was all good until the end of the service when a lot of stuff hit me. I'm still crying loads.

It suddenly struck me that its ok for me to be an emotional wreck right now, I have full reason, so I lived up to it for a full five minutes!

Crying can be such a release, and not just for girls!

I feel a lot better now, I'll be ok.