Tuesday, November 30, 2004

What's going on...?

I got called into work today, to help out with a taster day for a school. This involves a tour and 2 lectures. Boring! I'm writing in the second lecture about accounting, bored. Luckily enough I’m being paid over £5 an hour.

Last night was good. Dinner was cooked for me and I managed to survive the conversation I had. Funnily enough, the boy is totally oblivious to other people talking. I think people probably understand that friendship is a unique thing between two people, what they don't get is how it can mean nothing on other levels. After the conversation I decided that I'm ok with how it turned out. I'm not going to pursue it any more, seeing as the boy thought there was no need for it in the first place. No more questions, ok?

So having survived that conversation, I didn't do any work. I just watched a movie, consoled a friend and tried on my outfit for the carol service. Gorgeous!

The Bible study we did looked at Naomi, and briefly at the good wife in Proverbs 31. Have realised that however much I try, God will be the one to give me strength, it not my choice if I'm a wife at all!