Thursday, November 18, 2004

This all sounds like too much hard work...

What does, I hear you cry?

Well actually I'm the one crying, I've got a report due next week, its the hardest thing ever, I've got loads of reading to do for dissertation, my diary is starting to get heavy from the amount of ink in it and my life at home is slowly but surely falling down around my family's ears.

I need a big hug. Not just from God, but from the boy. I know, the question is, 'how can this be helpful at such a time?' the answer is, 'let me have my little things and by God's amazing grace I shall cope'.

For those of you who don't know, I found out last night that my grandad's cancer is incurable. He's gonna start treatment soon. There's not much more I can say. I have nothing to say. Apart from thankyou to everyone around me. For the support and the shut mouths.

I thank God too. There is nothing more I can do. I'm moving in all God's might right now. I got up because of God and I'll survive this weekend because of God. Prayer and praise through the suffering, a few months ago my suffering was little compared to others, I guess in a way it still is, but I'm feeling it in my heart.

Put on a happy face and off to a boring and unhelpful lecture (which would be any subject that isn't about how to cure the incurable)!