Friday, November 19, 2004

Silly Library!

So went to do the whole photocopying thing this afternoon, only to find that the chapter I want to photocopy has been ripped out of the book.

I'm praying for that person! And I will forgive them... eventually.

Rather excited now, gonna spend a weekend with Liz and getting to see her is always fun. I think.

I've had word that she's going to be winding me up about certain things. Sisters!

Oh, I found a great stress reliever, talk to some one you know whilst wearing mittens. Most of you will know about my mittens and how I talk when I'm wearing them. Its so funny. The other thing is messing up a boys hair, any boy will do, this is also very funny!

Turns out I had no need for a boy hug in the end, I just needed to talk to someone about all the stuff.

The report isn't done but I think I'll hand it in on monday when I've completed it.


Liz said...

Messing up a boy's hair WHILE wearing mittens? :)

Karen said...

Oh yes!! The amount of stactic that is left is essential for the hilarity of the action!

Although have found this weekend that messing up anyones hair whilst wearing mittens is quite fun too!