Thursday, November 25, 2004

Lots to say

Well, I guess I do, lots has happened in the last few days.

I've had various conversations that have led me to believe that I will never get a boy, let alone the boy. But, hey, I'll get over it. I'm an adult, I can cope.

Work is being really silly right now, there are never enough people to do the work no one wants to do, so I end up doing all of it. I don't want to keep ringing schools who have no idea who I am about something they don't want. Very silly.

Grandad has gone for a second opinion in London at the Royal Marden Hospital, his appointment is on Tuesday. As normal, Nan is not impressed. She doesn't like the idea of Grandad being an experiment (or the propect of a failed experiment). So off they trek to London. We'll still be praying for them.

With Christmas slowly creeping up (1 calendar month left), Mum asked me for a christmas list. I think I'm only asking for a few things:
  • CD's (Daniel Bedingfield, Westlife, various others that escape my mind right now)
  • A desk for my room at uni. (I'm fed up of working on my lap and I don't think getting RSI will be helpful when writing 10,000 words)
  • A USB stick, so I can save the 10,000 words
  • Money - as always

Not an extensive list, as my brain has suddenly remembered that I have loads of work to do and can't possible think about Christmas for longer than 2 seconds. The University Christmas Carol Service is on the 9th and by way of God, I'm doing a solo! Please pray for me!

We've planned all the CU stuff up until the Mission in April next year. Scared, very scared.

I left my phone at home today, this should be an interesting few hours. Although I don't know the time, I feel free from it. Enforced sacrifce, otherwise known as forgetfulness!