Thursday, December 02, 2004


So may be not the most intriguing title, but I've been thinking over the past few hours, does my constant dig at boys make me a feminist?

Yes, I know I was saying the other day about becoming a wife, but it has been brought to my attention that I'm on the war path when ever a boy opens his mouth.

I need to stop, although it would be under the advice of a boy (this comes from the boy who was beating me with a cushion and punching me last night, I can hold my own, don't worry).

Does the lack of equality in society shape my words?

Again and again we are told about the not-so-balanced 'balance' between men and women in western society. Men still do less housework, but women still manage to get to work and raise a family. We still live in a male-dominated society, however small the majority.

I don't know why I react like I do, but by the grace of God, who made man and woman in His own image, I think my war path will have to slowly become a path towards God.

"If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all" - All counts towards a very quiet person!

On a different note: the chaplain is having a bad time right now. The Islamic society have decided to petition against the way they are treated in the University, with their main focus being the lack of room in the Chaplaincy for them.

It remains to be seen how this will be solved, but all I can say is, God Bless them. What ever they want to do, I just pray that it won't make the chaplain feel more rubbish.

They do seem a little lazy, getting a petition, rather than finding another room, but they've never really had any (aired) objection to changing room on an irregular basis and during Ramadan. Have a look at this, Muslims in Britain, see what you think.

Finally, all the assignments are getting done, slowly. I have two essays and 1 presentation left before Christmas. Luckily enough, I remain relatively unstressed. I think the singing has calmed me down.


Chris said...

But they have as much room as the rest of us in the sense that they can use downstairs if they want to but they choose not to.

I don't understand.

Karen said...

They are more worried about the rooms up stairs. They don't like the fact that the chapel was moved to the longer room.

They will get over it soon.

mareike said...

about the equality between men & women.
i know GOD made us in the same - His - image, but he did make us different and i think we sometimes have to learn to accept it.

and then: do we really want to be made equal?
would you want to dig in the garden while the husband does the housework? and then when you come back in you find the floor isn't cleaned properly, the washing up is still there - dirty. the toilet has still spots...

i know you could argue about this. but i think it's a lot about gifts as well.
some men do have the gift to do house work others don't (which doesn't mean they can't help in it).
some women are gifted in maths or computing or even digging.

GOD wants us to support each other, not to be each other...

can't we "just" live the way we do?

perhaps i don't have the gift to see things complicated...

Karen said...

I'm sorry I was just ranting I guess.

You have a very good point, God did make us equal, and he does want us to work together.

I think society and the world has shaped my mind on this one, but I am gradually learning to except that God has made me the servant that I am. I should not boast in the amount of work I do, but praise God that I can DO the work!

God is working on my heart, through my friends (guys and girls, it is always helpful for you to tell the truth) and the Holy Spirit, thanks to his amazing power.

Much Love