Tuesday, December 21, 2004

The end of the year

Well, it seems like its the end of the year already. This is, of course, forgetting that there is still Christmas, a wedding and a ball to go to before we finally say good bye to 2004.

Its been strange actually having a house that I am comfortable in (most of the time) and a place I can look after. We made a special deal of Christmas on Friday. It was really fun. Miriam is an amazing cook. We all brought presents for each other, I got a mug thats says "Nothing gets me in the mood like a man doing my dishes". I think its great that I have something that sums me up in one!

I also got a few things I wasn't expecting. A set of photo frames from James, a message from Mareike and a George Foreman (for the house) from Jana. I love them all. So my first Christmas in Luton with Luton people was amazing. I'm glad that so many people could share with us.

Even next door did. I don't think they were so happy though, we kept them up! Whoops!

I really value my friends. They know me so well, all the presents and the messages suited me doewn to the ground. There was so much love in that room.

I spent the whole weekend with the TGI's really. Ice Skating on Friday, London on Saturday and TGI's as normal on Sunday morning. Really feel like I'm getting to know them a lot better.

Then we had a carol service on Sunday night. A large majority of my friends took part and I'm very proud of all of them. You know who you are. Well done for being so good at what you do, you multi-talented bunch of people! Love you.

I'm so glad that my parents love me so much that they've let me stay in Luton for so long this year (4 days longer than originaly planned).

Well, good bye to Luton for a week! And Hello to Essex and all the friends I haven't seen for 3 months. Yeay!