Monday, December 13, 2004

Thank God for the Weekend

(I think its a song Lyric, hmmm...)

Anyway! Here I am on a Monday morning and I can't believe I'm smiling as much as I am!

News that the car will be fixed has just reached me. I love driving, maybe I'll actually get a chance before Easter!

I've had a great few days without the house being full up to the rafters.

The prayer night was excellent, we got back to the grass roots of prayer and prayed how our Saviour taught us, The Lords Prayer. I only stayed for 5 hours at the start and 2 hours at the end. But 7 hours sorting out stuff with God was a great way to start what could have been a boring weekend.

I got a letter from an Ignite person on Saturday morning, I love being in touch with the youth, they write very interesting things (and its better than getting bills). I had to write back immediately otherwise I wouldn't have done it!

I've nearly finished all my Christmas shopping and they are all wrapped too! Dead impressed with my self. I even fixed the hoover, with a little help from Miriam. So I cleaned as well. This may sound incredibly boring, but I got a lot of stuff out of my system singing and dancing while cleaning!

Then spent a night in chatting to Tim and watching Notting Hill, by the time it had finished I think we'd both realised that life isn't a movie. I'm so glad.

Christingle on Sunday morning followed by lunch with Lou, was a perfect day. I finished my essay and ate lots of ice cream and cake.

God is great! He works in amazing ways and I'm really glad that he is the focus of my life. I have something to live for and work towards, something that is everlasting.

So at Christmas time the question is, Where is your focus? (don't give the Sunday school one word answer, explore what it really means)