Friday, December 10, 2004

An after thought

Well, the Carol Service went really well, with a few hitches and many people telling me I had to smile.

So on with the fixed grin, which changed in to a real one once my Dad had turned up.

Feeling exhausted the Christian Union Choir (we practiced so hard) opened with a selection of Carols (surprising that!) and made way for the University Choir, who were amazing! A really good soloist this year.

Then Howard, James and I took the stage for the welocme and opening prayer. All good (as always Dad had something to say about my pronounciation, hey I come from Issex!).

The programme flowed really well and then we got to the song that I had to sing Solo in. Argh, my legs were shaking the whole time. Everyone told me I did really well afterwards, I thank God for it, otherwise I so would have forgotten everything. Thankyou everyone for your support and putting up with my moaning about it.

Howard's sermon was so funny, I just wish people laughed more. Christmas is a very happy time!

Christine took pictures, so I'm just waiting for them. So that was it for my last University Carol Service. I'm looking forward to hearing the reports from next years one already, or I might even be there!

We took Mareike out for birthday drinks too! It was very fun to see every one chill out abit after a stressful day.

Love you all very much!


Chris said...

No pressure, no pressure.... argh!!

I'm afraid the pictures didn't comeout amazigly but the video sounds really good!

You can see you in a couple of the pictures but I was too far back to get amazing ones. Apart from the one of you and your dad, and the ones of you on your own.

Ok.... stop talking now.

Liz said...

Well done!! Wow...I bet you're glad it's all over!

Wish I could have heard you :o(

See you soon,


Karen said...

I'll post the video up and you can all hear.

Dad wants me to keep a copy of everything forever! He's very proud of me. Who knows what will be next in the singing thing?

Well I'll probably stay silent for a while...