Monday, December 27, 2004

After Christmas

Its over for another year.

Jesus has come into the world as a helpless baby and the world is ready to be saved once again.

Don't get me wrong, I'm very excited about the coming year.

My home Church have flung themselves into a year of mission which they shall be praying for in the first week of January (although not on the Bank Holiday - there's something wrong with that) and they all seem to be looking forward to celebrating the year.

I graduate in 6 months - did I say excited, I meant scared! And I will be flung in to the world and have to work for a living. Wow what a task.

I also step away from leadership for the first time. I have to step away from being Secretary on the CU. This is something I am going to find hard. God knows I'm a control freak and so do my friends. I need theirs and Gods help to let go of this. But it will be fun to see the CU run by some one else. God be with the new leaders.

Those are only three things I can mention, I'm sure there are many more that I can't name, probably because I don't know what they are. Its up to God to guide me and keep me safe. I have to make some massive decisions this year and I'm glad that God is on my side.

I wish every one who is out there the very best. Have a great 2005!