Sunday, December 05, 2004

Ok, Ok.

Yes, I am not doing my essay, but we all need a bit of chill time.

I promised Chris that I wouldn't spend all afternoon on the net, and so far I've been sitting here for 1/2 hour thinking about my essay and reading other people's blogs.

I know the last post makes it look like I have no time at all, but I figured that I'd try and write anyway seeing as quite a lot has happened.

We've had Rock Solid (which was mental, especially since we had a few new kids, taking a mini bus to Hart Lane is great). Then the filmathon, I think I saw about 4 movies all the way through! I was exhausted and the line up did include such classics as Uncle Buck (I went home and had a bath) and the Italian Job (which I just didn't want to watch. I have slept a surprising amount this weekend already.

I did most of my christmas shopping yesterday too. Wanyes World didn't draw Miriam and I in, so we left. So I can say I've started it and not be lying! I don't even know how much I have left.

Then I went to bed at 10.30 and slept til 8, it was wonderful to sleep that long. I don't know when people left my house last night, I was asleep!

Change of subject briefly, they've introduced a 3 strikes system in the Library and computer rooms now, so if you use your phone you get a strike. Your final strike includes your faculty being notified! So the phone is switched off. But it is very obvious that no one is taking notice. We'll see how long it takes to weed out the people who are silly and rude.

Ok, I'm off to do some work!