Friday, December 03, 2004

Its gonna be a long week

I wish I could finish that with weekend and not week, but here goes.

This week starts with Rock Solid (final one of term, promises to be mental) and 24 hours of movies.

We then move on to Sunday, where I have to start an essay. If I don’t I’ll be doing 2 essays in my final week. Not a good idea!

Monday is essay writing.

Tuesday is the Chaplaincy Day Away; all volunteers are going, but not me. I have to stay behind and finish the essay, sing in the Foyer, have a committee meeting, and a mission meeting. Then small groups and writing the challenge for the CU social.

Wednesday consists of Lectures, singing in the Foyer again and choir practice. Then Cell.

Thursday is Carol Service day. Only God knows how this one is going to turn out. My Dad is coming and I can imagine that ½ of Luton will be there. Slightly scared.

Friday, the SU is opening its new entrance at 12; someone from the CU should probably go. I’m also setting up 9 hours of over-night prayer.

Saturday I’m clearing the prayer room and starting my next essay.

Joy! I love being busy, but I hope it doesn’t make me ill.

We had the AGM for CU last night, and made open mockery of the Democratic way the SU runs. Voting should be non-existent in the Christian world; we view leadership as God’s calling. So we ‘voted’ unanimously for the people already in office. Gavin’s face was a picture. Our actions gave evidence to us being in the world, but not of it.

Yeay for the witness that is CU!