Thursday, February 10, 2005

Early starts and late nights

All good for the immune system, honest!

Woke up this morning with 3 hours of sleep under my belt. I was fighting with Microsoft Word. As always the 'Print 2 pages per A4' option ceased to come into fruition, so I resorted to working with columns, screen capture and picture editing. At the end of the day/early in the morning it looked really good, and serves its purpose.

I woke up long before anyone in the house to print it this morning. For some reson I'm really enjoying the walk down in the mornings, and actually being up for practically the whole day is great. Although not being at home has its downsides. The washing up fairy hasn't been round yet. It quite strange considering the boys have nothing to do.

Yesterday we woke up to this...
Howard on Front of Luton News
Thats Howard! Yeay for good publicity. There are various other photos from the day on this site.

Started lectures today. I have 4 hours on a Thursday and 2 on Friday. If any one uses easy to describe my week, I'd agree, then my dissertation hits me and I'll cry!

(Trying to be nice and not complaining for Lent too, as I spent a large amount of time analysing and evaluating me yesterday. It could just go out the window with in seconds!)

Off to buy Valentines Day cards....