Friday, February 11, 2005

Valentines and all that...

If I told you who I was buying cards for it would give it away...

But don't worry about me sending unwanted cards, I wouldn't want to risk being accused of sexual harrassment (yes I know, mental or what?).

Prayer breakfast this morning was a good laugh. We giggled through most of it.Just the girls. (out come the joke that will stay with me forever 'God does have a sense of humour, he made Karen' - Thanks miriam)

Washing up fairy still hasn't been... wonder if she's so busy that it'll be there all weekend.

At the moment I'm part taking in a psych test. The effects of caffine on working memory, whilst looking at personality. It sure was intersting this morning trying to not fall asleep whilst praying.

The question has been, why don't you give up caffine for lent? The answer is, are you having a laugh? It would wreck my insides.

Have a good weekend, and a great Valentines day, whatever you are doing. Consumerism at its strongest!