Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Mid week prayer

We had a rather long meeting this morning. It did actually last the whole hour. I was so impressed.

Now I get to sit around until the prayer meeting I'm running at 2. I was going to go home, but I might do some more praying.

Here's te space we are in:

One of the many creative things that Miriam, my amazing housemate has produced...


She's so brilliant. Its a bit of a shame that the president of the CU has yet to see the space.

You can view more pictures here. They are under the tag prayerweek.

We flick through the papers each day and found that its creative week this week. This is my little addition to it...

Fibre Optic

Jelly fish? Nope. Fibre optic thing, yes! Sorry, I know I'm slightly obsessed. But it is really cool!! (eventually I will stop talking)

But I'm not giving it up for lent. I am giving up sitting in front of the telly for no reason. Not cutting out TV altogether, just not going to spend hours in front of it. Have also decided to learn some verses in German. This should be interesting.