Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Interesting Insight

Yesterday was great. After I left the IT Suite (pretty sharpish due to a random bloke trying to chat me up) I went to Christine's for dinner with Jana. Her first time on public transport (that isn't a train or coach - what other types are there?). Suddenly felt like the authority on buses, when its the only bit of public transport I'm scared of!

During dinner Christine got a phone call from Charlie asking if we could supervise cell at Infinity (4 leaders had dropped out an hour before it started). It's been 18 months since I was at Infinity, I got very excited.

We actually were a little late, but said hi to every one before going to pray. Then Steve led worship. It was very amazing. Some stuff realy hit home with me, the sad thing is it took at least another 30 minutes to even dawn on the girls who were in the cell group.

Insight in to the current Infinity. I asked, 'how often do you talk to God?' and got a resounding silence. We prayed. The sad thing about living in an instant society is as soon as I said they could go they all disappeared quickly.

If I had felt in a rude mood, I would have made then answer all the questions again once they were engaged in the material, but I didn't. I just made them sit in silence for a minute, thinking about what they are bound by. Is it possible to be bound by dis-respect?


tasha said...

heya karen!
i really enjoyed you and christine being there yesterday! it ws great seein u and i ws very glad of the company! and the hugs!
i ws also glad u were there for other reasons, u know wat,n for the support and it was really nice to see some friendly faces!
c ya fri, wen were all hungary!!lol
loveya tasha x x x

Adam said...

"The sad thing about living in an instant society is as soon as I said they could go they all disappeared quickly."

I think maybe the reason they left in an instant, was the way that you indicated 'they could leave'. If someone says to me, 'you can leave' I don't tend to stick around, as it sounds as if they would like me to leave, and being the polite bugger I am, I bloody well do!

Next time, tell them they can leave, but also offer the oppurtunity to stay and chill with your homies. I bet they schizzle with the dizzle and chill for a while.

nuff 'spec