Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Pancake heaven

fibre optics white

Isn't this so pretty? Its a fibre optic tree thing that changes colour... I've actually gone a little trigger happy with the camera. As yet I haven't caught a sun rise (those of you who were up know that it was quite misty this morning), but there are 4 prayer breakfasts left, so you never know. Yes, annonymous, the sun does rise. "What comes up must go down"

Worked out that you have to really listen to the radio for any weather information in the morning, the darkness doesn't give any hint to the days weather. But so far I've managed to walk around with out a coat. Nice and sunny.

We have discovered as a house that it is actually more dangerous between 7 and 8 to walk into town. People aren't awake enough, so we've started using crossings and traffic lights. I think I might pick a job where travelling in rush hour is an option!

We had pancakes for breakfast, lunch and probably dinner!

Pancakes 2

Pancake day is great fun. Unfortunately we came 3rd in the first heat of the pancake race and didn't get to race again. Miriam, however, told TV and radio that her Mrs Incredible trousers kept falling down. So we're looking out for the university team on the news and radio! Pictures to come, promise! Watch this space for links.

Well, off to find the dissertation supervisior. Have lots to be doing (that I probably should have done already)...