Saturday, February 05, 2005

Open day or glorified mess?

This is the question we should all consider. Today Luton had an open day (or a Preview Day, but none of the Student Ambassadors had been told the change of name). It was a bit of a shambles. As always Lal underestimated the amount of people we would get. Turns out we had close to 1200 (about 400 prospective students). It would have been fine, but the Academics decided to take organisatio into their own hands - albeit a week too late.

We lost people and had people standing around for ages. But i did make a change to talk to people who actually liked being there. I'm no longer embarrassed by my red jumper, enough people have seen it, and at least on normal days I actually have fashion sense! I'll post it up, don't worry.

St Mary's bells were ringing all this morning and Bei Bei and Robbie got married at the Baptist Church. I've missed so much coming into work. Its ok, I'm sure there will be pictures up.

Christine is in Scotland now, having fun. Hopefully she'll chill out big time. It will be good for her to leave Luton. Now I have to find a get away date.

I'm gonna now go and set up for the prayer-a-thon for next week. I have to also work out my timetable.