Friday, September 10, 2004


Well thats it, I'm all packed and ready to leave Essex until such a time as it calls me back. Today I wasn't really looking forward to going, I'd said goodbye to my grandparents (they went on holiday AGAIN!) and I'll not see a large majority of my Essex friends until Christmas now, which means I have to remember to write to them! Then I got a phone call from a Luton person and now I'm rather excited!

So off I go to start my final year at Uni, prayers much appreciated!


Chris said...


Karen, come home
Oh Karen, do.
Karen, we love you
Oh yes, it's true!

Karen it's not long
until you're here again.
This time you'll stick around
and live next door to men.

Karen, do you like this poem?
I write it just for you.
I hope it makes you smile
because it's made me smile too.


Karen said...

Thankyou, thankyou!! The second poem ever written about me and I'll definitely keep a copy of this one forever! It did make me smile and laugh. I love it!