Monday, September 27, 2004

One of THOSE weekends

You know the ones I mean, everyday is pretty good and you just don't want to go back to work! Last weekend was that. I had a great day on Friday and Saturday, spent time with friends, led the youth group and had a day off. Couldn't ask for anything more. I spent loads of time chatting to God and making things all good. Sunday was also pretty brilliant.

Morning Church had its ups and downs, the ups included seeing the youth group actually writing prayers to God and listening to the leader of the group. The downs came when the church had to say good bye to a team of leaders known as the Lomax Family. In a year the team at my church has gone from 6 to 2! Please pray for us, we're going through a transistion time and out Vicar is finding it hard.

Then Sunday evening comes round a lot quicker than I ever expected it to. We had a BBQ for all the Luton Uni freshers and some of the staff. We ran out of food too quickly but we had a crack team on the case to get more. Every one was fed and alot of people made it into the service. Which was amazing, for those of you who already lead in churches, watch out, your teaching has been so good the new generation is rising up and about to 'out passion' you! For the people who are looking into leading their church, keep going, you are doing an amazing job and God is with you! All those who are sitting in their congregation thinking 'I could never lead, but I want to try' - Give it a go, what have you got to lose? After the service was even better, having spent my whole day serving people I took the opportunity to be served. I've had a lot of fun this weekend I don't want to start lectures!

Enough about the past, many of you maybe screaming, what about the future? My future is laid in Gods hands and I'm pretty happy to leave it there for now. The boy situation is also very good. More than happy.

Have a question though:
'Why is there a stigma attched to young marriage (where one of the two is under 24)?'
I don't get it! Some one told me the other day I was not allowed to feel broody at 20. My argument back was really weak, so I won't tell you, but I just don't understand. Are we a culture so ingrained with teeenage pregnacies and peadophlia that marriage and children by 24 is a problem? Or have we been told by our parents and the media that a career is a good thing, therefore we should put off mariage until late 20's/early 30's? What happened to your career being a housewife? Yes I know it sounds very dated, but if you ask any girl what they'd REALLY like to be, I'm sure house wife would come up a lot more often than your thought. My Mum and Nan were both house wives (my Nan doesn't even know how to drive), why can't I follow in their foot steps?