Wednesday, September 29, 2004

In defence of Luton...

Yes, its true, I live in the crappiest town in the counrty. Oh dear, I guess I'd better move out... What a defeatist attitude! If I was given a million pounds I wouldn't move out of Luton, I'd invest it in the town, making it a better place to live. I am of course acknowledging that Luton isn't the best place in the country, but don't you have to do that to make it better?

To all those who just automatically assume that Luton is a bad place, come and live here for a year, you'll soon see different. The small minority of people who have a passion for this town are changing it slowly. God is using Luton as the centre for the start of many good peices of work. Lets not dicount Luton in Gods plan because 2,000 people have said its the worst thing in England. I challenge those who have lived in Luton for a majority of their lives, have some passion for your home town, stick up for it. And to those who only live here for a few years; the littlest things can make a difference. You are little, MAKE A DIFFERENCE!