Monday, September 06, 2004


No, you are not alowed to get the wrong idea of me! All I mean is I spent yesterday driving my little brother to see his almost-nearly-girlfriend. Those two have spent the last 3 or so years being on and off like... well I can't think of a comparison, but you know what I mean. This time though its different (like all the other times??), he can drive to see her! So that'd be all the money he's saving to buy a car just spent on going to see her. I can understand and see the love between them, but teenage hormones and not seeking God's direction make it really confusing for both of them. All I can do now is pray for them both and pick her up when she wants to come here and he wants to drink. He already knows the way by heart (with a duplicate meaning)!

Of course I was feeling a little out of place for most of yesterday. I was the oldest in the room and I really had no right to be there. I thought about going to find a nice bit of grass to fall asleep on, but then I realised that I could simply concentrate on me for a while and not have to participate in the conversation. For once I was glad to be rather invisible. In hindsight probably should have thought about it a little more as next year is gonna be very busy and me-time will probably be well down the list. Having to rely on God to tell me to have a day off and enjoy his company and no one else's. Failing that I'm sure someone else will tell me!

Discovered last night that I'm no longer allowed to talk about boy in my sister's company. She doesn't like it. I tried to not talk about him so much over the last few weeks, but sometimes its really hard. My friends on the other hand think its cute. I'm still not sure!