Thursday, September 02, 2004

What do we do to ourselves?

I have just spent a very long afternoon with one of my best mates in Essex. She's a lovely girl, if a little dizzy and a lightweight. Both of which I don't tend on ever changing. I love her the way she is, but her dizziness does get her into some of the most confusing situations, even if they are just in her head!So we kinda spent the afternoon thinking about what she could do and how exactly she is gonna get herself sorted before uni starts again. This really got me thinking...

... I know its not something I do regularly, but I have actually been challenging myself into changing my view of relationships. Single people around me will testify that everyone is trying to set everyone else up. Whilst on holiday, my lovely group did attempt and fail! It seems to be the past time of those couples who are 'new', other single people and youth leaders, if none of these try, then the youth group is always willing to chip in the odd person or two. Most of the time we singles are subject to innocent banter between mates, which is actually a lot of fun over a few drinks, but the rest of the time modern western match making can be seen as a pretty serious business. Here's where the thinking bit plunges in, why do we do it? Why do we put up with every little smile towards a member of the opposite sex being scruntinised down to the last tooth? Something in me shouts 'not again!' everytime some blokes name is mentioned. I am actually fed up of the comments made and trying to treat men as brothers in Christ is so hard, if the world is insistent that you should fancy everyone that pulls a smile at you.

I'm challenging myself to stop fancying and start loving, loving like I love my little brother.