Saturday, October 30, 2004

What A Difference A Day Makes

Just 24 hours ago I was probably on a tube somewhere in the middle of London.

I loved the tube chase by all accounts. We had a few incidents and a minor disagreement about the most expensive thing in Harrods, but all round the girls in my group were pretty happy to indulge in my need to look at beautiful dresses, my slight competitive streak and my photography of random things.

What they didn't like was London speed. We got to 4 of the 5 stops and made it back with 10 mins to spare (always on time!). The reason we only did 4 stops is the speed we traveled at. I'm quite happy to walk fast around London, its a matter of keeping up with the crowds, but yesterday's crowds were all tourists and 1/2 term parents. Stopping in the middle of a path to 'aww' at big ben doesn't really make me any less stressed. Stop at the side of the path, not in my way (not that I don't like tourists, but living so close to London makes me see it as just a town).

So we came 3rd, Charlies group (the person who wrote the quiz) came 1st. I think you may all want to join me in a chorus of 'FIX'!

Then standing on the station, ready to go, I got a phone call from home.

Thinking I was going to be asked a question I was all cheery. Then my Mum told me that my Granddad is ill and has to have treatment.

What a difference a day makes....

I switched off, Charlie was trying to tell my something about the trains and I totally missed everything. I couldn't grasp it. So I changed in to 'up beat and happy' youth worker and got people on trains, knowing full well that sadness turns in to anger.

In the end I channeled my self and stood waiting to see Chris and her group on to the train. The last boys group were late, we left with out them.

I've cried, I've cried lots.

I'm just about to head off to a park and enjoy the light, before the darkest night of the year.