Monday, June 27, 2005

Goodbye Luton, Hello Cardiff

Well that's it, officially I've left Luton and am heading in the direction of Wales.

It was good to say good bye to the church as a whole and get a 'sending off' as Nick called it. Charlie half apologised for springing it on me, little did he know Nick had warned me at the end of the morning service. They prayed for me. Thanks you guys! You are all amazingly gifted at being articulate and praying, keep it up!

Its hard to leave such a great town with all the people that I know and love. But its done now.

Saying good bye to the people who are my peers was... fun. Hugs and kisses (getting patted on the head?) all round. Sad that this kind of attention is at the end of it all. Loved it.

Well, Luton, I love you, I always will. You will be in my prayers and I will constantly be aware of God's calling over a town that has so many Godly people living in it, innit!

My personal thanks go to
  • Chris - for being attached to my hip so I have a shoulder to cry on
  • Mareike - attempting to re-teach me German, taking my place at the washing up bowl and loving me
  • Gill - you are amazing, love the TGI's with all your heart, show them God's love, they need it
  • Tasha - boys are always going to be a problem, but we can still chat about it all he time, lunch was great, keep in touch
  • Michael and Nick - for being cell leaders, even thouh we were all a bit hesitant, thank you for encouraging me and teaching me
  • Tim - for making countless hot chocolates and turning up to save me from my house, for all the advice you gave me
  • Jude - for inspiring me to reach for the thing I think God wants me to do, and to search for my true hearts desire
  • Selina - your excitablity about any thing is catching, more than glad to have your support, you can cook for me any time
  • Howard - for listening to me and putting up with my chatting about issues that are revelant and irrelevant, thank you for staying in Luton

I know I've stopped there, I know that I've missed people. I love all of you more than I can put in words. Please continue to be you and keep talking to God about it all.

On to Cardiff, after the training and weddings... see ya around!