Thursday, June 09, 2005


Just came out of my interview for the marketing job at the university.

It was good, not horrendously bad, and being able to draw on my experiences as a Student Ambassador really helped. Still no promise of a car though :o(

And I found out this morning (whilst watching telly and doing nothing, thats right nothing!) that my YFC interview will now take place at 8.30 AM (yes, AM) next Tuesday. This my slightly dampen my chances of getting on to the team, oh well...

I'll keep in touch seeing as I'm now free!


Stephen Carter said...

8.30 is harsh for an interview-agreed! i guess u'll know in a few weeks wot u'll be doin next year, how exciting!! argh!
spk soon!

tasha said...

hey karen,
just a quick note 2 say thnx for a great day! i felt in some what better after our chat. we have 2 do it more often!
c ya sunday

Chris said...

You'll do great!

You might be a bit tireder but it does get it out the way...

Make sure you get a good nights sleep before hand.

YFC, eh? How exciting.