Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The last of many

Just had my YFC interview with Steve and Judy. Both great people with real hearts for mission and youth. It's great to see passionate people in Luton, even if they are only visiting!

It went well. e.t.a and yfc are both fantastic (my new word.. I keep saying it to describe stuff!). I think that I'll be doing lots of youth work and young offenders stuff next year - if I go to yfc.

Yes it's still very much undecided. So I'm sitting in Uni again, my only internet access, leaving on Friday afternoon wasn't as final as it could have been. I think moving out of the house will be hard.

I found out I'd be with a host family, some where in the country. You know when you have real positives and negatives for all your options and God tells you YOU need to make the desicion? Yeah, that's where I am.

Also realised that yfc want their teams to be very much GOD focussed than some other places, at least relationship-wise. The phrase they used was 'hold back from'. This is something I still find quite amusing, maybe I'm just really immature... Yeah, I can't work out why, so I must be immature!

So that's it. I've done all the interviews, now I really do have to make a decision.

Praying, praying very hard!