Wednesday, June 29, 2005


I was talking to Christine last night about being in the middle of a storm but being under cover. I can see and hear the storm, but I'm in no way getting wet, the most fantastic way to view a storm.

But don't get me wrong, I would go and dance in it if I wasn't here. I can smell it and experience it, and just like that it's gone. You know it will be sunny in a minute.

What I would really love is some dry thunder and lightning, stuff that has no rain attached, but that's hard to come across in the monsoon season.

Well at least the grass got watered and the birds have something to drink.

I found out today that the blocker that is on this computer blocks 24/7 prayer and the UCCF website, also my little random verse box. How depressing is that? Gonna chat to the administrator see what he can do about it.


gill said...

hiya karen, the storm here yesterday was MAD!!!! me and mum were out in the car when it was really really bad and she was really scared driving in it bless her! we had a powercut when we got home which was pretty funny! hope you ok! see you on saturday. loveya xxxxxxx

john cowart said...

Just a note to let you know that your random verse box shows up fine on the Mozilla Foxfire browser I use... It's storming like a moose here in Florida right now.

mareike said...

i love storms too. and i don't mind getting wet in it... well - i did get very wet walking home at 10 in the evening... but i saw awesome lightnings, too :-)

and it gave stuff to talk about with the patients the next day. some love it , some don't... just as everyone else.

apparently A&E at the hospital had to close because they got quite some water in there...

Chris said...

I was standing on Blackfriars bridge for some of it. When there was lots of lightning over the Thames but no rain. Beautiful.

Walking to Parsons Green tube got me soaked though, and I was only a couple of minutes away!

It was great.

Michael said...

Sounds like you have a heathen computer there.

The lightening was awesome out in the country too. I drove down the motorway in that monsoon. Quite scarey really.