Thursday, June 30, 2005

New Chocolate

You know that face the guy on the Revels add when he has the coffee sweet?

I found a coffee and chocolate sweet that doesn't make me pull that face and is actually quite nice. I shall be heading back to the shop where I brought it several times next year - I have found a new comfort food, yeay!

Also got set a challenge today, by a 15 year old (who's mum is a preacher) 'Show me where it says in the Bible that Jesus is God.

I couldn't actually do it off the cuff, I did have another 15 year old shouting that he was Jesus, which we all know isn't true. I don't think Jesus would ever be that cocky to his mates older sister.

Now I slowly realise John 1, and the passage about the Word. But I also need to find something that my little brother (who hasn't been to church and received communion for a while) can explain. I'll ask my Dad, he should have something up his sleve.

I can't wait to do some theological training formally. I love the fact that Jesus can teach me everyday through challenging 15 year old boys, who blatantly have nothing better to do than to wind you up.