Thursday, June 16, 2005

Driving me

Well, I'm back in Essex, if ever so breifly!

I had my absolute final interview this morning, after not getting the job at the Uni. They considered me for another place on the admin staff, processing application forms.

Its a desk job - should be interesting, if God shuts this door, I shall be leaving Luton for the summer on 26th June. My last St Marys Service that day (God bless Gill who will be taking over my spot in TGI's), so if you are in Luton, please come along. I would love to see everyone all together one last time.

Had my last cell last night. I told them all I love them and have been really encouraged by the support and friendship they have offered over the last year. It's been tough and fun sometimes.

Maybe I was abit too soppy for some people, but they'll get over it.

I was talking to God last night while I was watching a movie and thinking how movies, although incredibly epic, make life seem easy on the outside. It didn't seem to take any courage for the main character to tell the girl that he liked her.

There are some people I love and I tell them every time I see them, the others I love I have real trouble telling them and there are some people I just don't love, but that's a whole other post. I wonder if there is ever a balance.

I ended up telling God I was sorry.


John Cowart said...

Nothing to be sorry about; sometimes, its the best we can do to say, "I tolerate you".

All the best in your new job.

gill said...

i am going to miss you so much. where ever you end up working next year, you have to promise to come and visit. so TGIs starts up for me in a week. i really hope that im going to be able to do as good a job as you have done and help the girls to move in their faith with God. karen you are such a good influence to me and many others, and i really do wanna wish you all the best. God has a plan for you for next year....

mareike said...

oh no... is it ur last sunday already! that sounds so definite... final... sad. i know u'll be back every now and again, but still - can't believe how quickly all that time passed.
i tried to push it away, the fact that u won't be around, but now it's here - right in my face...
u'll be missed!!!
good to know GOD doesn't leave anyone of us - wherever we are, whatever we do.
love u. xxx