Thursday, June 23, 2005


I'm sitting in my hotel room watching whatever is on at this time in the morning. Liz and I are in Manchester for 3 days while we can. She goes back to Cheltenham tomorrow and I'm back in Luton for my last ever weekend.

I'm feeling very gutted as I didn't take my camera to horse riding in the peak district yesterday. We saw some beautiful sites and heard so many lambs. It was great to be surrounded by the sound of rushing water. God's creation all around. I was thinking which of my friends would come horse riding, any offers?

Liz's horse was decidedly slow, it was very funny watching her trying to control her horse, mine behaved for a change!

Got sun burnt on both my shoulders, so today we're going shopping for t-shirts and watching Tim Henman play. I think we'll find a big screen.