Saturday, June 11, 2005

life is random

Well it is, I'm not going to argue with the iPod ad I just saw!

I'm contemplating the download of iTunes as a birthday present to myself, but I think it all balances on internet access next year. Yeah, maybe I should just stop thinking, I know!

Said goodbye to uni yesterday, by that I mean I said goodbye to most of my course mates. We're all back for graduation on the *cough* of September. No I'm not telling the date, I look rubbish in a hat!

Had a moment of sadness yesterday as well as I sat in my last Rock Solid (the Friday night youth club) realising everything is coming to an end at Luton. Will be harder to go through all my stuff later with a bin-liner.

I'm chucking out a load of stuff before I go back, it's the only way I can fit it all in the cars! Nb: the plural, I get to drive in 6 days and keep the car for a good week! Very excited. For some reason I feel more grown up having control of a car!

Also getting more excited about my birthday. Handing out invites in the next day or so, when I see people.

I have been dragged into appreciation of particular artists this year, my musical appreciation (was going to use knowledge, but that is not right!) has grown, so I'm making the most of listening on the net. Maybe that's where the iTunes thought came from... hmmm...