Thursday, October 07, 2004


I was gonna write something really good and objective about how I feel, but considering whats just happened I don't think I can. I'm not gonna let you know, purely because it is on a need to know basis. Don't feel out of touch with my life, but if you hear, you'll hear.

On a good note, my little brother had the charges dropped against him and got a way with a slapped wrist for stealing a car. His first offence, they had to get him on something. He doesn't have a criminal record.

I also found out that I got a job. Definitely for this year, but maybe for the next year too. I think I'm gonna go for it and maybe defer my year out for another year. Any advice would be great. This means I'd be staying in Luton for another year. Believe it or not, I really am excited about it. I do wanna stay. I'll let you know on the progress of my life. I'm off to the Policing lecture.

Have a great day, I don't think it could ever be any more surreal than whats just happened to me.