Monday, October 18, 2004


... a word I would use to descibe boys. I found in the last few years that Boys are just as confusing as girls if not more so. I have incredible trouble trying to sort out my own head!

My advice to all the girls out there: (well I'd love to help, but then I'd be an expert and I'm blatantly not). I may be a psychologist at heart, bbut my heart can definitely not deal with boys right now.

I'm in that lovely little space called 'single'. Its great, I'm glad God has put me here for the last couple of years, but what I have discovered is that this doesn't stop the constant talk about love and life. I complained a while ago about people talking about my love life and someone said (very wisely) 'which love life? you don't have one' He had made a very profound point. So I'm back in the space I was a few weeks ago where I have no need to worry about it and although I maybe very confused at the moment I can rest in the knowledge that God is looking after me and all the confusing boys and I no longer need to feel confused.

I think I'll just float in the river for a bit.