Thursday, October 21, 2004

Working through the pain for the joy

That's the pain of a headache, nothing more, nothing less. I'm being really old at the moment. But that's because I saw Delirious? at Bletchley Leisure Centre last night. And I'd have to say I'm very amazed!

Chris and I managed to be first in the queue, an achievement I think, seeing as we then got to choose our spot on the front row (which was very far away from the loud annoying youth group that insisted on shouting at every opportunity - we were in the queue still in the queue at this point). So there we stood, through Taylor Sorensen (two man band, very impressive even after a string broke) and Rock 'n' Roll Worship Circus (amazing, very stylish), then on come Delirious? Having not really heard much of world service I found it very easy to part-take in the songs. I didn't think I'd ever love the fact that what they write is so catchy! It was great fun and I really felt like I was talking to God.

Then we get to a classic part of any show where the oldies come out. So we had the Happy song, history maker, I could sing... and various others. This is where the worship part of me really kicked in. I loved it. All the time spent just praying to God through the music. History Maker struck a cord with me, I'd never really thought about the promise behind that song until last night. Can I really say 'I'm gonna be a history maker in this land?' or am I just singing because I know the words? I changed them, 'I wanna be a history maker, help me'. We know the score when we make requests to God, he'll answer them. We were asked to name a dream in cell leaders training a week ago, and I said (as a bit of an after thought) that I wanted to make a difference after I graduate. Now I'm gonna ask God to help me be a history maker!

One thing that I most dislike about concerts is the idea that you have to clap after every song. There were no really quiet bits last night, and the over-excited youth group just clapped at everything. I do understand, and they'll grow out of it, I just hope that they grow out of it somewhere far away from me.

Left the lei-sure (Rock 'n' roll worship circus are american, theres not much we can do!) centre, felt really happy and I was really enjoying chatting to the guys from my local church. They had an excellent time and the bus trip home was more hyper-active than the whole night, maybe that's where the headache came from?