Friday, October 22, 2004

Its the weekend!

Well, it will be once I've done the Youth Justice Lecture.

I'm looking forward to this one. I get to spend some time with the youth tonight. The St Marys Youth is a very mixed bunch, but they are great. Don't think I'd enjoy Luton with out them. I dunno how much running around tonight will involve, but we haven't had a Friday night for a while, so hopefully a lot. I've got a lot of pent up worry that I could do with a bit of escapism!

Then on Saturday I plan to do nothing for the first 18 hours. By which point some girls will start arriving and much to the dismay of the boys in the house the lambrini (Essex!) will come out and we're gonna laugh/cry at Titanic, and admire Romeo. Yeay for a girlie night in.

Followed by a creative worship session in the morning on Sunday. I dunno what Sunday daytime holds yet, but I'm hoping I'll get some quality time with some people or I may just ring my dad and enquire how the car looks (and cry again, maybe).

Just have to make you aware of the people around you. Look around for a mintue next time you are in a shopping centre or the like. I'm in the IT suite at Uni and I'm surrounded but loads of cultures. It's great and I love the mix in Luton. God's creation, and some of them don't even know it. Maybe I shouldn't be just sitting here, but I don't think proclaiming the Gospel whilst standing on a table will go down too well!

Anyway, small up date on dissertation, I've started reading, under the advice that if I do and I'm told that I didn't need to then I can just as easily forget it. There are enough hours in the day to read articles and get a general jist, no need to detail just yet. Still haven't met the supervisior, may talk to the other lady today.

Have a great weekend everyone. Enjoy it while it lasts!